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Has anyone ever had a fake jail at their spring carnival

7 years 3 months ago #171779 by Janell
We do one every year! first was a western theme, then we used it as a shark cage. This year it's a Pirate's "Brig". We have done both charging for the game and no charge, just fun. We use other ways to fundraise for the event like a silent auction, food vouchers and a wristband for playing all of the games. We have a "check-in" table and people bring who they want to put in the jail. Then we let the 5th graders work the table and put the people in jail. this year it's either 5 minutes in jail or you have to draw a random silly activity i.e. (20 jumping jacks yelling, "I wanna get out") to get out early.
21 years 4 months ago #85546 by momma mia 31
Thanks for the great info. We are working on making a "jail" right now. Our carnival is on March 22nd so time is getting nearer. I'm sure if our principal sticks around for the carnival he will be in the jail the entire day, from parents and kids and definitely teachers! Can't wait to see what happens.
21 years 5 months ago #85545 by IMovePeople
We've done this, too - pay to get in, pay to get out - just a cage that was in the middle of the gym. Basically same thing as a dunk tank if you could - people would pay to put the principal in all day long. Easy money raiser.
21 years 5 months ago #85544 by mykidsmom
We haven't done one but my husband was put in jail for "Jerry's Kids" and what a hoot! The hard part was his buddy set his bail at $1500 and I had to make all the calls! Friends were telling me sure well give you money TO KEEP HIM IN!! lol
He had a great time and has a great sense of humor for that kind of stuff! I did really take the time to make sure everyone got a reciept for tax purposes! (most didn't have little tax deductions running around like we do ;) )
21 years 5 months ago #85543 by imported_Momof3
We had one at our carnival. We used a horse trailer. You paid a dollar to put someone in jail and that person had to pay a dollar to stay out or spend five minutes in jail. (With manure in the back of the horse trailer.) In two hours, over $300 was raised. :eek:
21 years 5 months ago #85542 by lliband
fyi, i didn't mention that we made the jail with 2x4s and pvc pipe. just two sides and placed it in the corner of the gym. it did have a door built in too. pretty straight forward to put together.
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