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6 years 7 months ago #164718 by New PTO Pres, too!
Replied by New PTO Pres, too! on topic Re:SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
I just took over as our PTO president, too. It is overwhelming planning for Santa's workshop, but here's what we did:

All items are $1 to enable all childrent to participate. Each child is limited to 10 items
It is nice to give each child $1 if you are able to do so (we can't this year due to limited funding)
We shopped at the Dollar Tree (a dollar store in Western PA) on the 10% off day. You can work with them to take you in the back of the store and buy by the case. Ideas for Men: flashlights, bungy cords, shaving cream, tool sets, measuring tapes, even ties (they're from their kids - they'll love them more than Brooks Brothers!)
Ideas for Women: Cookware - they have Betty Crocker items - they are awesome, my daughter got me one last year. For a buck, who can complain. They also have some really cute candles, nail kits, eyelash curlers, etc.
Ideas for Teens: nail polish and ear buds
Ideas for Pets: they have cat and dog toys
Grandmas: Eyeglass lanyards - they are really cute and even stylish
Grandpas: see Men
Boys: Here's where I struggled a bit until I found that we could buy Slime, footballs, handballs, and puzzles
Babies: Again, a struggle, but you can find some items, like wash cloths, puppet wash clothes, baby bottles (eh..), and sippy cups and little plates.

We also went to Claire's and bought a ton of 10 for $10 items. You can sometimes get coupons on the web - we got 30% off. Lastly, there is a little local boutique that just moved to town - I asked for discounts - they gave me 40% off. You never know until you ask.

Don't stress out, the kids will be happy with whatever you find. Focus on having fun and decorating to make it magical for them.

I just bought plastic pipe and huge plates to make lollipops and the "north pole" as decorations.....

Good luck!
6 years 7 months ago #164719 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
Hi New PTO Pres, too!

Thanks for posting such a great message! Good luck with your event!

Rose C
6 years 7 months ago #164744 by Acacia PTA Treaserer
Replied by Acacia PTA Treaserer on topic Re:SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
How much money do you earn from this event? Also, do you feel it's worth the time and effort you put into it?
6 years 7 months ago #164769 by Bea's Big Papa
Replied by Bea's Big Papa on topic Re:SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
We use as a service Project! so we make about $300.

The kids absolutely love it and share stories of who they are buying for. Totally worth it.

We have done it all. Bought on our own! Nightmare! Used Companies, near and far, and realized that using a local company really did make the most sense.

No left over merchandise, that goes missing, no tying up our money for 2 -3 months ahead of time. And with what is left.

They give us all the promotion material, they take back what we don't use. And they are a face in our community.

Good Luck,

6 years 6 months ago #164888 by southpto
Replied by southpto on topic Re:SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
Everything in our shop is $2. We do our shopping online through Dollar Tree & Oriental Trading mainly. We also do in-store shopping at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, & Walmart. It does take time to shop but we find everything for $1-except some jewelry at Oriental Trading that is usually priced a little higher but we figure it all works out ok. We usually have a very large variety, the kids love it and parents seem to like that everything's at the same low price. We made almost $4,000 this year with very few items left over to store. We have a great principal who allows us to hold it for an entire week where each class picks a 30min period to come in and shop. Obviously we have to have a large number of volunteers, and we do, even though we always stress that we won't have enough, it works out somehow.
5 years 7 months ago #166570 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic SANTA'S WORKSHOP HELP!!!!
This is an older topic but i'm hoping someone might see this and be able to offer up a suggestion.

Has anyone come up with a good guideline for how many gifts you need each year? For example, our school offers items from $1-$5. We have approximately 450 kids in our school (and growing every year) and we allow "immediate family" purchases but lots of kiddos have step moms and dads, step brothers and sisters etc. So how do you begin to know how many gifts you need in each category? Is it really just a guessing game?
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