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Five Below Fundraiser

14 years 5 months ago #88634 by Serendipity
Hi! I just found this out and thought I would pass this info on for any interested parties. If you live in NJ, PA, DE, MD, or VA and have a Five Below store near you, they now do school fundraisers. They will give you the fliers and the coupons and give your group 2 days for shopping at their store from 10:00AM - 8:00 PM. You will get 10% back from the sales of anyone who hands them your coupon as they check out. They also have no limit to how many of these you hold a year. We just signed up to do our first one at the end of this month and will see how it goes.
14 years 4 months ago #88635 by Bertha
Replied by Bertha on topic RE: Five Below Fundraiser
I LOVE that store! The pooping santas they had at christmas were just the funniest things I've ever seen! I bought 17 of them for all my nieces & nephews, they were a huge hit.
14 years 4 months ago #88636 by Serendipity
Hi Bertha!How are you?

Yes, they do have some neat stuff in there. We are going to try doing one of these with them for the first time at the end of March. If it goes okay we will probably do one again next year before the holidays. Either way it is one of those easy no brainer fundraisers that will yield you a few more bucks.
1 year 3 months ago #173031 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Five Below Fundraiser
Does this Fundraiser cost any money up front? Or is it "free" and you get the 10% back?
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