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Kidstuff Coupon Books--Any Info?

11 years 1 month ago #150674 by Dee
Replied by Dee on topic Re:Kidstuff Coupon Books--Any Info?
I bought one of these books a few days ago and got it in 3 days. It has a lot of coupons in it, much better then Entertainment Book. I can see it being profitable. What the girl at my work did was just pass around one of the books for people to look at and it pretty much sold itself.
10 years 5 months ago #153629 by Andrea Gennis
Replied by Andrea Gennis on topic Re:Kidstuff Coupon Books--Any Info?
Does it have coupons for ikea in it? If so please email me.


andrea - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9 years 1 month ago #158532 by amanda
Replied by amanda on topic Re:Kidstuff Coupon Books--Any Info?
how many donations do need for the funbookfundraiser?=
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