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Book Fairs other than Scholastic

6 years 5 months ago #171794 by LLEBears
Hello All,

I am absolutely disgusted with Scholastics! This is the first time I have experienced such a poor model of a book fair! We are a rural school district,
and I really feel our school received horrible service. Thank you for the responses. I will seek another vendor for next school term.
22 years 1 month ago #90731 by lisadk
Replied by lisadk on topic RE: Book Fairs other than Scholastic
In the Chicago area we have used Personalized Book Fairs as one of our two book fairs for years. We have always used them in the fall since our parents are in. They have many more titles and some higher end books parents will buy. They are on the web at
22 years 1 month ago #90730 by lisadk
Replied by lisadk on topic RE: Book Fairs other than Scholastic
We are planning to use Usborne Books for at least one of our book fairs this year.Their books are more educational and they carry less of the "junk" like erasers,posters,etc.The co. says Scholastic owns 26 % of them,and that's all they'll ever own.We'll see.
22 years 1 month ago #90729 by mykidsmom
We go through Barnes and Noble Bookstores.
Works well and we've had a couple good years. the trick is to pass out alot of vouchers a head of time, otherwise they have been good for us.
22 years 1 month ago #90728 by momof3
Book Fairs other than Scholastic was created by momof3
What company are you using for your book fairs other than Scholastic? We have used Scholastic in the past and recently switched to Troll due to Scholastic cutting our profits and the lack of customer service. Now with Troll out of the picture we desperatley need some other book fair options. We are also considering some of the local bookstores - Has anyone had good luck doing that?
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