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Concession stand food ideas

7 years 10 months ago #170594 by Crossties
RC Cola and Moon Pies is a definitive Southern icon!
8 years 7 months ago #169264 by HDPhoenix
We have always used George Foreman grill for our Hot Dogs. They work great. You just have to watch the drippings from the grill.
8 years 8 months ago #168729 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Concession stand food ideas
I run a CS, and we added grilled cheese to the menu. In 2 weeks that they were on the menu, we sold 3 large loafs of bread. I figured it was about 40 sandwiches. Spent about $7 on supplies, made $60... not a bad turn around. In colder weather, we added hot apple cider, hot chocolate and hot coffee.... sold great. Pizza and hot dogs another good seller.
9 years 2 months ago #167441 by kim corson
Replied by kim corson on topic Concession stand food ideas
We sell sloppy joe filling on everything that we sell: pretzels, nachos, even on the pulled pork sandwich.
9 years 3 months ago #167403 by brileigh
Replied by brileigh on topic Concession stand food ideas
you are going to have a good food stand good luck B) : :laugh: :cheer: ;) :P :lol: :woohoo:
9 years 3 months ago #167393 by shabrione
Replied by shabrione on topic Concession stand food ideas
Hi where is a good place to order bulks also looking for a place to order cheese Sticks help
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