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Concession stand food ideas

17 years 7 months ago #91058 by adirkman
Replied by adirkman on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
we have a snow day off of school today, so I'm finalizing my menu and shopping list, but will check back again - thanks a bunch for all the good ideas!
17 years 9 months ago #91057 by JTina
Replied by JTina on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
Yeah had request for RC cola with the moon pies but since Pepsi had the contract with the school we couldn't offer RC cola......
17 years 9 months ago #91056 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
Moon pies are low fat? Hmmm. Don't forget the RC Colas with that. ;)

I hear funnel cakes are easy to make. The DAV ladies sold them one year at an Arts and Craft show and they were very popular. Sometimes we do sno cones if the weather is warm. If it is cold we do hot chocolate and coffee.
17 years 9 months ago #91055 by JTina
Replied by JTina on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
I ran a high school athletic concession for 10 years. Every year we hosted all the district, state, regional tournament. Plus we did the PIT which is where the NBA scouts come and look at the top senior college players in the country. I have found simple is better. To many choices to much left overs. We sold chic-fil-a sandwiches, bar-b-que sandwiches, slices of pizza and hot dogs for our hot items. Chic-fil-a and the local pizza place delivered. We sold the major candy bars that were popular in area(snickers, m&M plain and peanut, 3 muskteers, twixs, skittles, reeses, and kit kat), bottle soft drinks (fountain and cans make to much of a mess), popcorn, slim jims, nabs, moon pies(huge hit, low in fat and you get chocolate). I sold all the candy for the same price to help the volunteers speed things up. How big was our concession stand? During PIT we served 5,000 people before the game, at 1/2 time and after the game. We even set up a separate area for people who just wanted drinks with no food items..We served all 5,000 people in 15 minutes. We set up 4 lines in the school cafeteria and ran it like a buffet line. They picked up what they wanted and took to the cashier for check out. This allowed my volunteers to continue to stock the shelves of food. In a 4 day period I would net $10k. Good luck. If you need more specifics pls email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. topic concession.
17 years 9 months ago #91054 by adirkman
Replied by adirkman on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
thanks, all - If anyone has any unique items that haven't been listed, please post and let me know - we're on the low end of the fad chain here in N/E Wisconsin - walking tacos was a HUGE hit at our FFA Pumpkinfest (not as dorky as it sounds!) partly because no one had seen them before.
17 years 9 months ago #91053 by April W
Replied by April W on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
We use the little bags of Fritos. They work great too! We always do walking tacos and they are always our biggest seller. Since you have all of the ingredients, you can also let them upgrade their nachos for more money and put some of the same stuff on them.
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