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Valentine's Day Candy Grams

15 years 2 weeks ago #92572 by Deanna87
Valentine's Day Candy Grams was created by Deanna87
Does anyone have ideas on how to do a Candy Gram sort of thing for an Elem. School? We were thinking maybe to buy suckers or something and then have the kids/adults purchase them for someone, they add a note and the PTO delivers them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Deanna
15 years 2 weeks ago #92573 by Serendipity
Hi we did one for the first time last year and it was a huge success. We ordered heart shaped lollipops that came with a to/from card. We ordered them from Cedar Creek Fundraising and shipping on them is free. We used the ones called Dear Hearts. Here is basically what our flyer said:

"Send a Candy Gram to someone you love! Parents and family members can send them to the children and the kids can send them to friends and teachers! A candy Gram is a packaged Gourmet heart shaped lollipop with a To/From card attached. Each lollipop costs $1 and you can order as many as you like.

The Candy Grams will be addressed to the children and delivered to them in their classrooms on Valentines Day (Tuesday, February 14 th).
We have a sizeable amount of lollipops, but they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, so get your orders in early. We do sell out."

At the bottom of the flyer was a form for them to fill out child's name/class and then we gave them 5 slots to list the to/from information and noted if they needed more then 5 to just attach a piece of paper noting the to/from information.

We have two women that do all the addressing. We ordered the lollipops in advance and they addressed them as the orders came in. We sold over 900 lollipops so that is a lot of addressing.
We ran the sale for about 10 days and ended the purchasing on the Friday before Valentines day so that the women had the weekend to finish up the addressing.

Lastly, we did have the teachers keep track of which kids got lollipops ordered for them as the orders came in. We did not want any child not getting a lollipop. We gave one signed from a special friend to any child who did not get one. We actually ran about 15 short on lollipops for this but the teachers and principal who got so many lollipops from the kids handed over some of theirs so that no child had to go without. We ordered 4 cases (960 lollipops) and we have about 370 kids in our school. It was the perfect amount as we had nothing left over.

Also the parents were very receptive to this as it only cost them a dollar to buy their kid a lollipop. We got lots of compliments and a few parents who told us to come up with more $1 fundraisers. We made over $800 with this and it was so simple. It certainly is not a windfall but it was a nice little extra way to earn some extra cash. Good Luck!
15 years 2 weeks ago #92574 by Deanna87
Replied by Deanna87 on topic RE: Valentine's Day Candy Grams
thank you, it gives us a couple of more options. Deanna
15 years 2 weeks ago #92575 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Valentine's Day Candy Grams
If you do a search I think you will find other related topics. I have seen this on here alot.

We are talking about doing this at our school this year. One of the teachers suggested setting up at 10 minute break a few days before and letting the student fill out the cards. Of course there would be an adult there to help out.
15 years 1 week ago #92576 by mom2elmos
Replied by mom2elmos on topic RE: Valentine's Day Candy Grams
How the one we used to run in high school was like this.

Whichever group sponsored bought a bunch of various candy. Then we sold quarter sheets of colored paper with some sort of picture of the holiday of on it (i.e. Valentines for Feb., Bunnies for Easter time). The kids could write their own message on them and I think we sold them for 50 cents now probably a dollar. Then we just added a handful of candy to a sandwich baggie and attached the note with ribbon. That was it. Beauty was if you run out you go to Walmart and get a few more bags!

Good luck, we wanted to try this but I guess the high school cheerleaders have dibs on the Valentine's Day moneymaker at the Elem. school. I don't really get that but that is how it is.
15 years 1 week ago #92577 by 34mepto
Replied by 34mepto on topic RE: Valentine's Day Candy Grams
Love this idea! Passed it along to the PTO Brd. and they told me to run with it! Can anyone please send me their flyer so I have a place to start? Thank you in advance! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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