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new news

16 years 8 months ago #139126 by New kid
Replied by New kid on topic RE: new news
Congrats! Just be mindful that most times new blood is the best because they are not overwhelmed with all the going ons! Keep your eyes open and don't let yourself get burned out to quick!;) I am sure you will do fine!
16 years 8 months ago #139120 by rnbowmom
new news was created by rnbowmom
I received a call from one the members of the board. I can't believe it. I have only gone to one meeting and because of past history. I have been asked for the treasurer position for the PTA in my son's school. We moved here last december and I didnt get involved trying to get everything else settled in our life before I did anything for the school. Now, I didn't think I would be greated so well so quickly. But one of the other board members was going to resign next year but because I was comin on board she is going to stay!!!!!!! I had to tell someone and who better than someone that would understand. Thanks for letting me gloat. :D
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