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Board setup for new school

15 years 5 months ago #147882 by buffilee
Up until this year, our school was PreK-6 grade. This year, though, PreK-4 is in a new school and 5 & 6 are in the old school. We have kept one PTO Board for both schools, but I think we may need to split. We didn't want to do this originally because of the fear of lack of support for grades 5 & 6. But, it's been really difficult splitting time & resources between both schools and keeping things "fair". We've changed the bylaws & the name of the PTO to a general "Melissa Elementary Schools PTO" to act as an umbrella organization - we have 501c3 status and the thought is to have PTOs from any new schools be able to be a "dba" under the main organization. Should we make a clean split? Have entirely separate boards for each school? Or, should we maintain one set of officers and just have committees (hospitality, ways & means, etc.) for each school? Our town is small, so it would be a challenge to split the fundraisers, but there's been more "this is ours and that is theirs" than I care for. I am in my last year as president and really want to get something clean and organized in place for next year, but I am just not sure what the best approach is. Any opinions and ideas would be most welcomed! (Also, if not next year then the following year, we will have PreK-3 in one building and 4-6 in another building.)
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