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School board wants our PTO information

7 years 8 months ago #165494 by gjcoram
Names and addresses of officers are supposed to be reported to our state because our PTO is a registered corporation.

I would ask them for the rationale behind the treasurer not being a district employee. There are some potentials for conflict of interest or possibility of theft. You might ask to have the district sit down with your officers and review the by-laws and the PTO's insurance guidelines. We have insurance that requires a monthly bank statement review and a yearly audit; it could be that you could assuage the district's concerns by pointing out the reviews you already have in place.

If my district asked for 10 years of records, I'd be happy to give them to the district to store, and get them out of my attic. :) I passed on the records for the elementary school to the new treasurer, and she was planning to keep them, but the PTO is thinking to amend the by-laws that say we are supposed to keep certain records in a "secure place" in the school office -- we never did get that from the school -- and instead keep the crucial ones on-line. The thought is that (a) people can find them more easily and (b) the district takes care of backing up the on-line content (we have a "folder" on the school's web site).

The IRS requires that your Form 990s be "open for public inspection" for a certain number of years; if someone asked you for the 990 from two years ago, would you be able to provide it?
7 years 8 months ago #165495 by FoxMom
We have to give all names, numbers of our officers at the end of the year as well- plus list activities.... we are not allowed to have district employees be treasurers as well-- We fall under our Districts umbrella--- and they oversee our bank account-- they do not have access to take money out, write checks from it or deposit or move funds from it-- but they do get a copy of our monthly statements-- and can see our PTO manager software-- this is protect them and us from anyone taking advantage and stealing from us---

We are asked to make a deposit at least once a week but the day doesn't matter... and they don't tell us what we can buy overall --- we have to save paperwork for 7 years back- we have original receipts for everything-- and a backup paper trail for deposits, checks written--- most of this sounds up and up- and matches our district policies-- but we've had theft from district employees in the past in the amount of thousands-- it wasn't from the PTO-- but I think they tried to put things in place to prevent anything from happening again.
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