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23 years 11 months ago #94086 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: PLEASE HELP!!
I am very sad to hear that a Pto would hide any funds or withhold any information.
Remember, why are we on the PTO ? It is for the children.
Suggestion, try to investigate if you can. You may have to start from scratch. Plan a fundraiser asap. Try for something with a fifty percent profit. After you get your profit, plan the events for the school year.
Perhaps you could arrange for some funds with the principal until you get your profits.
Please let me know if you need more ideas.
23 years 11 months ago #94085 by ColoradoPTOmom
Replied by ColoradoPTOmom on topic RE: PLEASE HELP!!
I too am very curious to the motives behind their actions. It appears from your perspective that they definitely are hiding something. To have a PTO account tied in to a personal account is a RED FLAG. Set a final deadline - on your terms and let them know you are seriously comtemplating alerting the principal, board of education, district administration/lawyers the local paper and even law enforcement to their actions if they miss that deadline. Read the postings on the "latest news" page on this site - it's loaded with fraudulant activities of PTO board members that were trusted to be honest and ethical.

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23 years 11 months ago #94084 by momofalltrades
Replied by momofalltrades on topic RE: PLEASE HELP!!

Has the principal stepped into this? I would suggest that you have the principal or ever someone from the school corp. make a visit or a phone call to them. Something is not right here. I would be curious to hear why they keep refusing
23 years 11 months ago #94083 by chrystal
PLEASE HELP!! was created by chrystal
We are in need of serious advice>>>to sum it up our former Pres. and Treasurer are refusing to hand over the books. I am the new Pres. and according to our by-laws the new officers took their postions at the end of the school year. At that time they said they wouldn't hand over the books until the end of the fiscal year (July 31st), now they said they won't give them to us till the first day of school. We have no idea how much money we have to plan a budget because they won't tell us. These books have never in our PTO's history been audited they were supposed to be done every year, last year we tried but they wouldn't let the auditors even touch them>>>they held them and pointed things out to them. Now that we have new officers we voted at a meeting to have an accurate audit done before we take over but they are refusing. In case you are wondering they can't be bitter about election issues because they both stepped down. We also have to change banks because the account is trough the former Pres's credit union and she has to be on the account for us to have it. I am truly baffaled, these ladies have spent six years of their lives dedicated to this organization and now that are setting the wheels in motion for us to fail. There have been so many negative issues regarding the parents and teachers be publically ridiculed by our former Pto Board that we were really hoping to create a fresh start but it seems we are going to look like bumbling idiots. Any sugesstions are greatly appreciated:)
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