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Non-profit tax id #

23 years 1 month ago #94156 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Non-profit tax id #
This question seems to get posted in various areas of the Forums, so check around, and you'll find some great info already posted. Specifically, look in:

Msg: Tax Exempt Status

Roberts Rules
Msg: Tax Exempt #?

Free for All
Msg: Tax Exempt Status
Msg: Tax 990 and 501(c)(3)

While you are browsing, you may want to change the default at the top that is set to only see messages from the last 45 days. Also, you may just want to use the search facility and search on "exempt" and "non profit".

Personally, I'd rather not see yet another message thread get started on this, so you might consider tacking any comments/questions onto one of those other threads already in process so we can sort of keep the info together. (I'd love more discussion on the topic - just not in a new place.)

Good luck!!

P.S. I would have thought the topic fit best under "Day to Day Management", too. But I think this area only recently got created.

Publisher - any hope of moving these all under "Management"?

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23 years 1 month ago #94155 by Gee
Non-profit tax id # was created by Gee
How does a PTO get a non-profit tax id number? What does this entail as far as the treasurer and is this something other PTO's have done? Do we need to file income tax forms if we do this -- both Federal and state (Massachusetts)?
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