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Useful Web-Sites for Non-Profits Organizations

23 years 8 months ago #94173 by JHB
Listed below are a collection of various web sites dealing with non-profits. PTO Today is still the best "home" for us as a group, but these might provide some useful niche information. Note, the Non-profit management sites are generally for non-profit business more complex than our PTOs - having employees, assets, etc. However, they often have some good links, publications, tips that apply.


Tax Information for Non-Profits

Frequently Asked Questions on Tax Exempt Status

IRS Forms & Publications

Publication 557: Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization

Form 1023 Help
A free website designed to help non-profits with Form 1023

Application for Recognition of Exemption – 501(c)(3)

Gaming Publication for the Tax Exempt Organization
(Read this if you are 501(c)(3) and plan Bingo as a fundraiser)

Quality 990
(Purpose: to improve the quality of IRS Form 990 reporting by nonprofit organizations)


Internet Non-Profit Center

On-Line Nonprofit Organization and Management Development Program
(Free on-line educational program for non-profit management)

On-Line Management Library for Non-Profit & For-Profit Businesses
(Has some good on-line reading material on topics like change management and managing volunteers.)

Nuts & Bolts for Non-Profits

The Center for Non-Profits

National Center for Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofit Genie
(Good article on “How do you ask for ‘major’ gift?” and great FAQ on 990s)

Non-Profit Charitable Orgs
(nice 11/7 article on writing fundraising letters)

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