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Questions about Posting 990/990EZ

23 years 2 weeks ago #94194 by JHB
As I understand it, any non-profit with GROSS revenues in excess of $25,000 must file a form 990 (or 990EZ) with the IRS each year. (The non-profit version of a tax return.) It looks pretty simple to fill out.

However, the rules that went into effect June 1999 deal with the need to provide copies immediately to anyone who asks in person and within 30 days for someone requesting it in writing. Fines for non-compliance can include $20 per day overdue and possibly a $5000 willful failure penalty.

Not necessarily in PTOs, but in any non-profit, there's the opportunity for those unhappy with the organization to repeatedly request copies just to cause extra work and the possibility that a small organization might not know the rules and could get in trouble for non-compliance. (There are also provisions for harassment requests.)

One IRS option is to post the 990 on the internet, in which case that action satisfies all public requests (if done properly).

Finally my questions - Has anyone encounted requests for copies? Are you posting your 990s on the Internet? For those of you who don't have your own website, are you utilizing Guidestar? ( )

I have learned far more about non-profit business, finances, liability, management than I ever intended this year. And it's great to have all of you to share with. Any discussion on this would be appreciated.
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