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23 years 7 months ago #94204 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: OBNOXIOUS MEMBERS
I know this is tough but stick to your guns, hang in there. There will always be someone who disagrees with what you are doing but stick to the agenda and keep the meeting moving. As far as complaining about the previous vote, were they there at the time, if not to bad it is a done deal. I always refuse to reopen an item, it is not fair to those who showed up at the original meeting to discuss the topic. I would not give them any spot light or special treatment, just keep to your guns and let them fall along the wayside. We have parents that vote against everything, don't want to spend a dime and others that say we do not spend enough. I am lucky though, I don't let it bother me, it just rolls off, it drives my wife crazy.

Good luck
23 years 7 months ago #94203 by chrystal
OBNOXIOUS MEMBERS was created by chrystal
Oh how I love having a place to vent! We had a free for all at our PTO meeting yesterday. Our former executive board argued about every item that was brought up at the meeting. It got real nasty when our new hosts teacher spoke about purchasing helpful books to aide students with the MEAP test. This teacher was invited to explain her experience with these books and they attacked her. I was shocked at the behavior. They then brought up that they did not like the way we are conducting meetings ...we don't have enough discussion before we take a vote...even though we ask if anyone has more comments or suggestions before we start a vote. They also brought up an item on October's Treasurer's report even though it was unanimously approved prior and they voted on it. My question is would it be proper to write a letter or meet with these ladies outside of a general membership meeting to address the flood of complaints that we are receiving from other members about their continued rude behavior? We have told every member if they ever have complaints to please call us and we will try to work things out with them. We are trying so very hard but after this last meeting it was very hard to keep our cool. They even complained because we had a 4:00 meeting instead of a 7:00 meeting to try and accomodate everyone. Even when the people who wanted to have a few early meetings tried to explain why they liked the idea of a couple early meetings, these ladies had the nerve to say, "Well I don't care, it isn't convienant for me". I know I am rambling...any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Just for the record these ladies were the only no votes we had all evening.
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