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student appreciation day

18 years 6 months ago #106625 by PJ23MOM
student appreciation day was created by PJ23MOM
In January we have a "student appreciation day" at our k-8th Catholic school. The Parent's association provides a treat for the students. I would like to see us do more to show our appreciation. Does anyone out there have any creative ideas. I am a new president and I really appreciate this forum. I think that we are all in the same boat and it is good to have some support.

Thank you for your responses
emma's mom
18 years 6 months ago #106626 by centralpto
Replied by centralpto on topic RE: student appreciation day
If your principal is willing to let you, maybe you could have an assembly. If you have the budget, perhaps you could hire someone to come perform a silly play or maybe a musician. Another idea is to have a movie and popcorn day. Or maybe even the parents and staff could put on silly skits for the kids. I don't know if any of this helps you or not, but it sounds like a nice idea. We always have teacher appreciation week in May, but we've never had student appreciation day. We may have to see about trying that one. Hope it works out well for you! [img]smile.gif
18 years 6 months ago #106627 by PJ23MOM
Replied by PJ23MOM on topic RE: student appreciation day

18 years 6 months ago #106628 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: student appreciation day
Having student appreciation events are great. I like to do them throughout the year. Cup cake day is simple with a few bakers per class, and ice cream socials after school. Dances are in order and pizza parties with open gyms/movies. We also provide relief snacks during their testing days.
18 years 5 months ago #106629 by Dinee
Replied by Dinee on topic RE: student appreciation day
If you are having a student appreciation assembly, consider all those individuals in the community that appreciate the children.

Invite the Mayor to come say just a few words while commenting on how important the students are to the success of the city community. Maybe invite the city librarian to come say just a few words on their spin regarding the value of students and how much the librarians learn from students and the books they look at, the ones they place back on the shelves, and the ones they check out. Bet the kids didn't realize how valuable their thoughts and actions are to the librarian and the city library. Maybe if your school has a business partner (like a bank) invite a few more people to say just a few words on their value to those as well.
18 years 5 months ago #106630 by mykidsmom
Someone that may be able to help with this is Optimist International. My husband and I have been members for years and our group in Denver honors one student a month, in November (I know I'm a little late here but maybe next year) we have a actual week- Optimist Youth Appreciation Week.
Their web site Oh yeah did I mention their theme? Friend of Youth.

Hope they can help! [img]smile.gif ;)
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