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Wanting to do a BOO HOO Breakfast. Where to start??

6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #167507 by Rose H
Hi there!
That should be enough time. Check with the school, though, to see if that will work on their end. If you wanted to hold it in the cafeteria on the first day, there may be other things going on or they may need time to set up for lunch. Some groups hold these events early in the morning, before school starts.

Good luck with your planning -- and congrats on being a new president. We are here to answer your questions as they pop up!

All the best,
6 years 4 months ago #168331 by Peckmom6
Does anyone have ideas for a boo hoo breakfast party favor?
6 years 4 months ago #168333 by Rose H
Hi Peckmom6,

It's very common for folks to give out small (individual-sized) packets of tissue with a label on it (a cute saying, the name of your school's PTO, etc.)

Another option is there are some lovely poems about sending children off to school. You could have one printed on stock paper to hand out to parents.

We have both a downloadable tissue label and boo-boo poems on our File Exchange, along with other free docs for a Boo-hoo event.

Go to this link:

And good luck!

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