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School Assembly ideas

9 years 8 months ago #132475 by MelCross
I need some ideas for a good Assembly. We live in Missouri and would like soemthing that won't cost an arm and leg. Thanks for your help.
9 years 8 months ago #132539 by WFS
Just a few...
Bruce Bray is a majician that did a whole show and spoke about books having a magical effect on your life.

Simon Sez - a master simon sez man came and had the teachers and parents laughing hysterically. His show was about listening, perception, learning your surroundings, etc. Fantastic Show

Yo-Yo Man is great. No charge, you just have to sell his yo-yo's for 4 days after his show.

Call your local police, fire, sheriff's department etc. to speak about strangers, dial 911, Stop,Drop & Roll, computer preditors---usually are free

Have a "career day" with parents coming in--locate them in various areas in your gym, cafeteria, hallways etc. and as classes come through kids can stop to speak with whomever they wish & learn what that job entails. Then they go back to class & write what persons impressed them the most, what career choices they liked best. FREE - parent/community volunteers

Peter Parente - wrote 2 children's books about the rainforest & its animals. He brings a 2-toed sloth & kingachoo with him. GREAT SHOW

Ask your local bookstore for any local authors. We have a few and they came in, read & spoke to kids. Younger grades-about the book. Older grades--spoke about what its like to be an author,where they get ideas from, being an illustrator, etc. Low fee or FREE

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9 years 8 months ago #132545 by MelCross
I am a published author, writer's workshop leader, and writing coach, ready to motivate staff and parents. My speech is entitled, "Encouraging the Reluctant Writer."

I will speak for 15 minutes or as long as you would like. I'll travel anywhere in North or South Carolina. Reasonable rates.

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