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Dues or no dues?

12 years 1 month ago #151460 by anonymus
Replied by anonymus on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
Holy cow it's only $5 what is the big deal ?
12 years 1 month ago #151462 by Janine Pratt
Replied by Janine Pratt on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
Tim, back when I was the co-president of the Cheltenham Elementary school PTO and I read your original article I brought this issue to my board and advocated for changing "what we'd always done." They thought it was worth a try, so we went to charging a fee only for the directory alone (a reasonable fundraiser) and presenting membership as something automatic for everyone. Since I am no longer at the school, I don't know if it has had any repercussions on the money they brought in, but it felt good moving us to the model that ALL families were considered members whether or not they put in $10.
12 years 1 month ago #151464 by pkzcass
Replied by pkzcass on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
We charge $10 for dues for each family, and they get a directory for that. We raise over $2,000 each year that way, so that would be a big chunk of money down the drain. The one thing parents expect to pay I think is dues and as long as they get their directories, they don't mind.

We used to have advertising support the directory, but since the ad salespeople were myself and another mom, we did away with it because we just didn't have the energy to pound the pavement anymore.

This is my last year in elementary school. I'll be glad to move on to the middle school. I'll happily pay my $25 for the directory and the programs they have and not have to pay another dime for fundraising.
12 years 1 month ago #151465 by anonymous
Replied by anonymous on topic Re:Dues or no dues?

What is your school population? What fundraiser did you run that earned you 18,000? Was that gross? Curious as we are having fundraiser issues at our school.
12 years 1 month ago #151466 by Rhys B. Blair
Replied by Rhys B. Blair on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
I can't imagine charging or even asking for dues. We never have as long as I can remember. We spend enough money on everything else at school in these trying economic times. When it's like pulling teeth to even get a small minority of parents to join, why would I want to scare them off with dues. As far as voting is concerned, if you make two consecutive meetings in a school year you can vote on whatever is being voted on. We vote with our presence and participation. We only get 1% of our parents/teachers to attend regular PTO meetings as it is!
12 years 1 month ago #151467 by Tammy
Replied by Tammy on topic Re:Dues or no dues?

At our school for the past several years we've encouraged ALL PARENTS & TEACHERS be a part of the PTO. Having that additional expense does exclude some people and that is the last thing we want to do.

However; what we have come up with is a Friends of...(our PTO). If you would like to be a "Friend of..." then you can donate at least $10 and we'll put your name on a plaque in the hallway. We've raised between $700-$800 doing this and we have a great response from both people who want the FREE PTO Membership and or just want to give a donation.

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