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Dues or no dues?

12 years 1 month ago #151521 by Glenda
Replied by Glenda on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
We do charge dues. Every year the PTO gives each homeroom funds to help pay for the cost of the classroom parties. Every student receives the benefit of this. Our membership dues is allocated directly to the homeroom funds. We usually break even. We let parents know that the membership fee is completely optional. It does not preclude anyone from participating in PTO events.
12 years 1 month ago #151723 by Denise
Replied by Denise on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
We don't charge dues. Never have, Never will. It is against our by-laws. Every paper sent out states, as a parent you are a member. It helps get new parents involved when it fits their lives.

That said, we are a small charter school, where the parents give about 5000% more than we could ever raise in dues especially since we have an extremely diverse ecomonic backround in our students.

We do have a "No Fun" Fundraiser, where parents are able to just give a donation. We get all kinds of donations from $1.00 to $500 and it actually is our best fundraiser with the least work. Normally we raise between $3000-$6000 a year.
12 years 4 days ago #151996 by rlaneew
Replied by rlaneew on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
In the past we charged $3 and there wasn't really any benefit to paying that at all, just a membership card that most stuck in their wallet and forgot about. This was my first year as president and this year we decided to give them something for their money. We charged $5 for the membership and they received a Sonic Value Card. If you have a Sonic restaurant in your area these are great cards. Sonic will give you as many cards as you want for no charge. They have buy 1 get 1 free coupons on them, we bought printer labels and typed the school name and the members name on them and stuck them to the outside of the card. I would like to look into many more great ideas to up our Membership drive next year. I'm sure I'll find a great many on here.

We still don't tie the membership to anything and I'm not sure if that would help or hurt. Or volunteer % is pretty low as it is and I wouldn't want to turn any parent away from helping at an event over a membership fee.

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
12 years 3 days ago #152040 by lisa b
Replied by lisa b on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
We charge dues to offset: directory, school geared envelopes and excuse pads, general business expenses, weekly e-blast sent to members and web-site costs to all members. It is very helpful and therefore doesn't eat into our profits from our other fundraisers. It provides us with a minimal working capital. We charge $30.00. This next school year we will actually charge a late fee if you join after a certain date. We are trying to get our directory our earlier. We have 95% od school families as members. And for the past several years have been able to gift to our tow schools K-8 approx $30,000 each in school gifts and our cultural arts program.
11 years 11 months ago #152328 by CC - NYC
Replied by CC - NYC on topic Re:Dues or no dues?
We've held membership campaigns in the past, but, after reading your article, thought better of it. Why spend the time for so little return?
Instead, we self-printed a school year calendar, and sold it, along with a fridge magnet for $10. It was a labor of love, but got more people engaged.
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