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Pto funds

7 years 8 months ago #165450 by Jessica
Pto funds was created by Jessica
I am hoping that I can get advise here. I am a new pto president for my local
High school. Long story short the members voted to install 4 tvs in the cafeteria. There were only 6 members there n I voted no. There was no budget, no proposal nothing... I feel like this just can't happen. We only have that much in our account. There is so much more that we could potentially do with that money.
I'm doing my best to fight this. Not sure if I can since it has been approved. I want to cry. I can't be a part of this. Teachers and students need so much more.
7 years 8 months ago #165477 by mum24kids
Replied by mum24kids on topic Re:Pto funds
Do you have bylaws? What do they say about this? There should be something about a quorum; maybe you didn't have enough people there to be able to vote?
7 years 8 months ago #165492 by gjcoram
Replied by gjcoram on topic Re:Pto funds
Was there a request for the TVs? Perhaps they serve some purpose, other than letting the kids watch junk during lunch? The TVs in the caf at my work show news; maybe the social studies teachers wanted the news on.

I would think that, until the money is spent, the pto could vote to rescind a previous vote. You'd need to come up with a better proposal -- or a few -- and something to show how much the TVs would cost. Or maybe you ask if people have a few extra TVs around the house that could be set up as a demo to see if they're useful or not.

If the "members" voted on something, I'd be reluctant to just reject their decision -- then we'd see a post on this forum about how the members voted at a regular meeting for X, and now this power-hungry president is trying to get the vote nullified. I can't say for sure whether the TVs make sense or not, but you should try to understand the other side before you put too much effort into undoing it.
7 years 8 months ago #165496 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic Re:Pto funds
How did it get onto your agenda in the first place without being discussed and without any written proposed amount--- we have to have something in writing first-- then it goes to the PTO board and a board meeting first-- before it goes on the PTO meeting agenda to be discussed and voted on--- See if you can get any donated - that would save the funds so they could be used elsewhere.
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