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Event Request Forms

5 years 3 months ago #172579 by CherylB
Replied by CherylB on topic Event Request Forms
When approached, can you let them know its a great idea, and would they like to get involved and help get the event/idea off the ground, or maybe they know someone willing to help them get the event/idea off the group. Or even suggest making a few calls something easy and nonthreatening to someone that has never been involved before. Cheryl PTO Today
9 years 1 month ago #166155 by Nancy Labanda
Event Request Forms was created by Nancy Labanda
We often have people approach us with ideas for events and fundraisers. We are often overwhelmed with suggestions but struggle to find people to do the leg works. Does any one have a form they could share that requires them to at least do some of the leg work such as. A contact person, benefits of the event, cost/ profit, etc?

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