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PTO President misrepresenting Principal

5 years 11 months ago #172124 by Rose H
Hi there,
This sounds like a difficult situation. One way to address this is to ask the principal to attend your meetings. If it is difficult for him to fit it into his schedule, then see what you can do about having occasional (not monthly) meetings. At the very least, the executive board should have time to connect with him. What's concerning here is that the PTO president should be representing the group's interests, not the principal's interests. Not that those two are necessarily in conflict, but the PTO president shouldn't be trying to straddle both.

Community Manager
5 years 11 months ago #172122 by Between a Rock and a Hard Spot
PTO President misrepresenting Principal was created by Between a Rock and a Hard Spot
I find myself in a difficult situation. I have reason to believe that the current PTO President is misrepresenting the Principal to sway the PTO Boards decisions. The Principal does not attend meetings but is represented by the President. On several occasions the Principal has had conversations with others regarding discussions in meetings and when told what the President says the Principal said, the Principal has denied saying it. Decisions have been altered based on the relayed information from the President. Personally, if I were the Principal I would not want someone misrepresenting me. I also can't help but to feel like the PTO Board is being manipulated. The Principal and President speak many times throughout the day and seem to have a cordial relationship. I'm concerned that if the President is misrepresenting the Principal, not only are they manipulating the Board, but also the Principal. I'm not sure what to do in this situation.
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