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I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!

14 years 7 months ago #148110 by dlf I believe is the site. There is a 75 dollar one time fee or you can buy a year round license. Check with them first to see if your school has an annual license (which some do). If they are licensed then you don't need one since the school is then considered kind of like a theater. If doesn't work try They're very efficient and it is easy to do.
14 years 7 months ago #148103 by kinderpres
Replied by kinderpres on topic RE: I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!
I am also interested in a Movie Night but I read in a post that they had to buy a movie liscense is that for every movie night or is it a one time thing? Where do you purchase one?
14 years 7 months ago #147883 by kinderpres
Replied by kinderpres on topic RE: I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!
It's hard to get people to "come back around". We had PTO's that were weak in the past and I think we have just now built ourselves up again. In regards to getting people to take you seriously, try just being honest! When I became President of our small school, I sucked in my breath and wrote a letter and sent it to every parent. I explained my excitement to be their new Pres. and I let them know the challenges that I had inherited. I listed some very basic vague activity ideas and asked for any opinion they were willing to give. I also sent the kids a letter, saying who I was and that their input was important to me as wll. It was very informal and straight forward. My response was amazing and completely unexpected. I couldn't believe how people had percieved what a PTO did! They were surprised by the honestly and plee for help. Our PTO is the best it's ever been because my parents know I can't do it alone and that they and their opinion are important and will be taken seriously!
14 years 8 months ago #147593 by kinderpres
Replied by kinderpres on topic RE: I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!
Our school does a sock hop every year the last week of January. It is very well attended, and we charge (I think) $15 a family. The families of potential new students are invited as guests (no charge) and everyone dresses in fifties attire. We have a DJ, a hula hoop contest, some of the teachers have done a dance routine to a song (like RESPECT and Stop In The Name of Love) which the kids really get a kick out of.

To keep it easy on the volunteers, we buy plain hamburgers from McDonalds, have condiments on hand, and offer potato chips and soda by the 2 liter.

We also do movie nights. They are very popular, and we have a popcorn maker that we use to make our own, but many movie theaters are more than happy to donate a big garbage bag of popcorn to schools for these events. We also have pretzels and 2 liters of soda. This year we also started offering pizza for dinner. A pizza place right near the school offers schools large 1 item pizzas for $6 apiece. We charge each family $6, order the same number of pizzas as the number of families that sign up, getting an assortment of toppings (but mostly plain cheese) and it works out pretty even. Both times we had 2 pieces left, which disappeared as the evening wore on. The parents love it because the challenge with movie night is getting the kids, going home, feeding them and returning in time for the movie, and $6 for a whole family to eat dinner is very affordable.

We also have the movie playing on one side of the room, and tables set up with cards for the adults on the other side. This is a great way for the adults to get a chance to get to know each other, and we get good leads for talents when we need volunteers.

Sorry, this was really long. I babble...
14 years 8 months ago #147520 by kinderpres
Replied by kinderpres on topic RE: I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!
We sent a questionnaire to the teachers asking for their needs as teachers as to what PTO could help purchase that the district does not have enough money. We are also going to send home a parent questionnaire to ask what events are important to them and which events they might participate in.
You also need to find out from the principal what direction he/she would like the PTO to go whether it be for supplementing educational supplies or providing extra fun activities for the kids.
14 years 8 months ago #147434 by kinderpres
Replied by kinderpres on topic RE: I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!
I second the motion above... the FORMER treasurer must give all of their PTO/A items back!

I also agree that many of your activities need to be broken up into grade levels, however our school is planning a dance-a-thon in which we'll give out prizes & contests that can span the age groups (craziest dance, longest dance, best dance, etc.), we've also had "get moving night" in which our gym teacher helped by loaning us equipment & assisting with organized sports. Think about "saftey night" in which the local police precinct can assist with registering children (Amber Alert type info), registering bicycles & car "vin" etching & the fire department can talk about fire safety. This is an indoor & outdoor activity that can be done in several different rooms.

The best way to assure parents that their voice will be heard is by addressing their issues... you have to prove it to them! Set up a "Q & A" or "Comment/Suggestion" box & answer the questions during your next meeting... we leave a box at the back of the room during our meetings & at the end, address the notes that have been left in there & do so without naming the source. Send out a flyer requesting ideas, suggestions, & volunteers. Let parents know that nothing will change unless they assist!

I also created an email account that I only use for school & PTA emails. It's really helped me to separate & determine what I need to address first!

Best of luck!
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