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I'm Needing Some Ideas!!!PLEASE!!

14 years 9 months ago #147242 by momof2inalabama
:) I just love this site. Everyone is so helpful. I just have a couple of questions. We have had PTO for the last 5 years or so and has not gone so well. The only thing our PTO is known for is having fundraisers and spending the money on the High School Football team. My children have been in this school since they have started kindergarten and NEVER have we had a family night or anything. I am excited about being the President, but when I hear from other parents that they wont come to meetings because they dont feel like there opinions matter, it worries me. No one has given me advice on anything so I am actually trying to do this on my own. I would love to get things started after the Christmas Break but I just dont know how too. My question is... What types of things could I do, to try and show these parents that this year is going to be a new PTO and continue being a new PTO?

As for treasurey stuff? Who gets that and when? Our treasurer from last year still have the information and not volunteered to give it up. Do I just be blunt and ask her for it or should I let the principal?

What ideas does anyone have for family fun nights? We are a VERy small school so space is limited. We are a K-12 school with about 500 students so we dont have alot of space or a lot of help.

Also I would like to do something in the Spring for ALL the students, but I just dont know what or how to get anything started. I hope with this site I can get a lot of advice on what and how to do things? Thank you for Reading and sending me your help.:)
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