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Holiday Shoppe question, men's gifts?

8 years 5 months ago #163847 by Rose H
Hi folks,
This question was posted on our Ask A Question section and we thought some of you might have some good ideas!

Here's the original question, posted by kimtoot:
I am looking for mens items with a cost between $.25 and $3.50 especially mugs for dads. Does anyone have a vendor that they like for these items? One I can share is but the items on their site are so far the same as last years and I want to mix it up. Thanks in advance!

Rose C.
Community Manager
8 years 5 months ago #163872 by aspisak77 has really good prices also is where we ordered from last time. If you call them and register your account for a PTO you will always get free shipping
8 years 3 months ago #164290 by Lisa
Replied by Lisa on topic Re:Holiday Shoppe question, men's gifts?
Just an idea we used this past year. A mom in our school has an embroidery sewing machine and does embroidery gifts. Our Santa's shop isn't a fundraiser, so we try to keep costs low for students. This mom purchased inexpensive (but nice) golf towels and embroidered them with simple images and "#1 Golfer" and "#1 Dad", "#1 Grandpa", things like that. She also purchased some inexpensive reusable shopping bags and did some embroidery on those things, like "Grandma's Goodies" and "Mom's Bag". She kept the price low, $4-5 each, and they were nice gifts.

Good luck!
8 years 3 months ago #164297 by FoxMom
We use dollardays for all our mugs-- just need to know you have to order a large quantity from this company---
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