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Santa's Shop Limits?

8 years 3 months ago #164293 by Lisa W.
Santa's Shop Limits? was created by Lisa W.

I have a question in regard to Santa's Shops. We purchase our items and have them available for students to purchase, ranging from $1-$5 items.

In the past couple of years, we have run into a problem where we are running out of items for the later classes, even tho each year we purchase more and more. Our committee figures on purchasing approximately 6 items per student (we have approx. 250 students), but some students are purchasing 20 $1 items and more. Our conflict comes because students that shop later do not have a good selection of items, even though the committee has put boxes of items on the side to be opened at a later point in the day.

Aside from purchasing MORE items (which I think is eventually going to get out of hand), we have discussed limiting either the amount of money a student can spend or limit the number of items. Both have their pros/cons. We worry that if items are limited, a student may not be able to purchase items for each sibling (for a larger family) and then grandparents or whomever else they are purchasing for. Limiting money may not work if a student wants to purchase three $5 items for three people and we limit it to $10 or something... (some parents send their student in with $30-40 cash and that's not good for several reasons) I personally think limiting to 8 items would be sufficient, but then we're looking at purchasing 8 items/students to estimate and as I said, then we're getting into a larger and larger budget. I want this to remain a FUN activity for kids/volunteers. We offer to wrap for free, but have to limit it to 2-3 items because some of the kids are buying so much. (Last year, a student wanted to buy $26 worth of items and the dad was with her and asked if she could get it all for $20 because that's all she had; he ended up putting in the rest of the money, but I guess they don't understand this isn't a bargaining time, and maybe it's a good time to learn how to budget!)

Anyone's experience with this would help greatly!! We are going to discuss at the next couple of PTO meetings, but I would appreciate any outsider advice.

Thanks in advance!
Lisa W.
8 years 3 months ago #164296 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic Re:Santa's Shop Limits?
We also purchase out own items- and run into this with our $5.00 table-- we sell until we run out-- and we promote that--- we are not a store and do not have an never ending supply--- we do have carryover and make notes on what sells better--

We decided not to offer wrapping--- way to hard with kids purchasing so much-- but we have given wrapping paper that last 2 years for kids to take home and wrap the items themselves--

I thinking limiting the items may cause a back lash of less purchasing--- it is always tough to figure how much to purchase--- good luck!
8 years 3 months ago #164298 by Deanna Schulz
Replied by Deanna Schulz on topic Re:Santa's Shop Limits?
Our school offers the Santa Shop 2 weeks in a row and open on a Thursday and a Friday. That way if they forget they're money the first day they can bring it on Friday following. By the second week and the 4th day they pretty much expect to have a small selection of items to choose from.

One thing that has been fun for our kids is that we have brown paper sacks(lunch size) and have the kids (ahead of time) decorate them. We spread them out on a tables and the kids put their items in each sack and label them. Some just take a few home if they run out of time and label them at home.

I also expect and plan to buy another "small" shipment the 2nd week of the sale as well. We also try to buy most items at $1 therefore most items are priced at $2. We don't mark anything that's $2. This cuts down on the pricing/time consuming part of the process.

We also give out tickets to kids who may not be able to afford anything so they have a chance to buy something for their family as well.

Hope this helps.
8 years 3 months ago #164299 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:Santa's Shop Limits?
Thinking this is a good question for Facebook, too. Will post there to get some additional community response.

Rose C.
8 years 3 months ago #164304 by LaurieC
Replied by LaurieC on topic Re:Santa's Shop Limits?
Our Secret Santa runs for 5 days. We pre-wrap everything & items range from $1-5. We have been known to go shopping during the week to replenish popular items. It's a pain in the neck for the chair people but it's worth it. . We have approximately 600 children from Pre-K-5 & make too much money from this event for us to limit purchases or to have to close the shop early because we've run out of inventory.
8 years 3 months ago #164305 by Kristie
Replied by Kristie on topic Re:Santa's Shop Limits?
We limit our kids to only shopping for the people that live in their house (but not for themselves). We divide items up so all groups get a good selection. Then near the end of the last day we have "Black Friday" where kids can buy anything for anyone. We always completely sell out this way! It's great!
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