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Santa's Shop Limits?

6 years 8 months ago #167324 by xinerevelle
Replied by xinerevelle on topic Santa's Shop Limits?
With almost 1000 kids in our K4-5th school, it takes the entire week for all of the kids to come through one class at a time. We always allow kids to come back later in the week if they forgot their money or remembered they needed to buy for another person. Teachers sign up for their times, so really it's up to them to pick a time earlier in the week (Tuesday is the best day -- kids don't forget their money and the shelves are still well stocked). We had two fifth grade classes that were going to come on the last day in the last two time slots -- we allowed them to send kids 2-3 at a time throughout the week. We usually have to go out and buy extra stuff during the week because we run out, but our goal is to NOT carryover product inventory from one year to the next.. As someone else mentioned, we are not a regular store with trucks coming every week to replenish stock. We also have a 25/50 cent table with little birthday party goody bag type stuff for the kids to buy for themselves AFTER they've purchased for everyone else on their list. We DO carryover these items from year to year if necessary.

We try to wrap all of the items for the K4, K5, and 1st graders, but for the older kids we at least try to wrap the mom gift since it's usually mom who is helping to wrap the rest). This has worked out very well for us.
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