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mother-daughter event ideas??

14 years 4 months ago #126562 by ptolisa
We are having a March Mother and daughter Brunch at a local country club and we can't come up with offering an entertainment. Any ideas on what worked of any of you? We are k-5.
Thank you.
14 years 4 months ago #126571 by LUVMYKIDS
By entertainment do you mean a performance for them to watch or do you mean something for them to participate in?

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
14 years 3 months ago #126701 by ptolisa
I think we got it!

Beauties and the Brunch!

Have 5-6 girls from each classroom model some spring fashions from a local childrens store. The second graders will model communion dresses.
Even the moms can be in this by wearing something from home and using accessories. Then a dad can supply the music and the girls go wild!
14 years 3 months ago #126967 by RobinD
is this a public school? holy moly.. we have 490 christians, and about 10 representing other faiths .. ONE PARENT of those other 10 would sue us if we ever modeled communion dresses.. or even uttered santa in school. so sad the minority rules.
14 years 3 months ago #126969 by Serendipity
We have a mother/daughter brunch as a townwide scouting event. It is held in the banquet facility of a hotel and they just get a DJ. All the girls and moms dance and have a great time. The DJ also plays some games with the girls. This event is townwide so it encompasses girls from K-12th grade and all have a great time and look forward to it each year.
14 years 3 months ago #127080 by cottonwoodptc
I have a slight problem with having a function for "Mothers" and "daughters" only. As a father, I would feel on the short-end of something like that, which is why, as President, I did away with Mom (or Dad) brunches, breakfasts, etc. and simply had a Pastries with Parents (or something similar).
I only say this because I noticed you said you were doing this in March. Doing something like that for Mother's Day would be a way to get around that. I feel that gearing toward 50% of the parents (and students) is the wrong way to go.
In any case, good luck with your event!

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