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Need Prayer

13 years 8 months ago #137722 by mommytlc
Need Prayer was created by mommytlc
My husband of 19 years was struck by a car last Sunday while riding his bicycle. He was apparently hit from behind and never knew what hit him. The person who hit him never stopped. He has facial fractures, his jaws are broken, and he has brain injuries.

Please pray for him. Thank you all so much for listening.
13 years 8 months ago #137723 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Need Prayer
Oh mommytic--we will...stay strong and thank God he's alive. I certainly hope whomever struck your husband comes to grips with the terrible thing he/she has done and comes forward. Focus on your family and I hope the folks there to support come out of the woodwork when you need them.
God Bless!
13 years 8 months ago #137725 by volunteermomo3
Replied by volunteermomo3 on topic RE: Need Prayer
Your family is in our prayers. I hope that your husband makes a full and quick recovery. Remember, God works miracles!
13 years 8 months ago #137729 by onarollpto
Replied by onarollpto on topic RE: Need Prayer
Stay strong, keep your faith and God Bless....

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - Ferris Bueller
13 years 8 months ago #137730 by mommytlc
Replied by mommytlc on topic RE: Need Prayer
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! Your kind words comfort me!
13 years 8 months ago #137758 by Shawn
Replied by Shawn on topic RE: Need Prayer
As Mr McFeeley (sp?) would say if he was a Dr instead of MR Rogers mailman

Speedy Recovery, Speedy Recovery, Speedy Recovery

We're think of ya'll :cool:

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