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Make your kids lunch boxes green

10 years 10 months ago #150624 by Heidi
Go back to your mama and buy some Tupperware. I pack all our lunches on Sundays. Saves time, saves money. I bought the smallest "square rounds" which are the perfect size for EVERYTHING. Snack cups and midgets. I have had Rubbermaid (the cheeper brands leak) juice boxes for 15 years and they are still perfect. All combine perfectly for lunch boxes, everything goes in the dish washer, and all seals for each size are interchangable. FABULOUS.
10 years 10 months ago #150652 by PRS VP
We invested in Thermos brand containers this year. My little ones aren't fond of sandwiches, so these are perfect for mac and cheese, soup, etc. We have the beverage ones too to eliminate the need for juice boxes. Kids have been raving about their hot lunches!
10 years 10 months ago #150736 by PTOMommy
Replied by PTOMommy on topic Re:Make your kids lunch boxes green
I to have decided to go green with my sons lunch box this year. I went green for the most part with cleaners and other house hold items a few years ago but going greev with a lunch box never hit me till baggies went sky high and I thought about how much I could save ( ok I will admit I went green because I am a penny pincher ) and that it would be less of a mess for mother earth .

We got him a reusable water bottle , thermos for hot soup , a luch box you can put in the fridge at night and it keeps cool all day, sandwich containers and containers for chips and fruit .

We are also trying to go green with the food we send , instead of buying packs of snack cakes , cookies , fruit( fresh instead of canned or in plastic cups) ,& peperonie rolls I make them from scratch to cut down on the amount of boxs and wrappers . It also saves money yes it takes more time but I can make 10 x as much for the same price . For me it is a win win situation I save money and our local land fill dosen't fill up.
10 years 9 months ago #150875 by millionofhugs
I agree, Tupperware or other plastic containers are the best bet. Say for finger foods or snacks like chopped veggies instead of putting them in a ziploc place them in little containers. Remember when you were young and had to bring lunch? Use similar methods and place drinks in a thermos container.
9 years 3 weeks ago #157840 by kaynewest
It is probably a good trick that can work well for me.
8 years 11 months ago #158012 by mpage
I have to admit I always start the school year off very green but as the school year goes on I slip. This year I bought a container that has spot for a sandwich and two small spots. I hope to be green all year this yea and not just for a few months.
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