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Halloween Dessing up or not ???

9 years 11 months ago #151145 by PTOMommy
Halloween Dessing up or not ??? was created by PTOMommy
Most of the time I do not dress up for Halloween. I do go in my pj's so I can come strait in and relax after being drug through the neighborhood by my 2 kids ( this is the one day a year you can do that and not look crazy ) .

But this year we are working the Halloween party at our local community building so we are going all out .

My son 10 is going as Freddy from Nightmare on Elm street(he is in that scare everyone to deth and make his sister 3 scream as much as he can phase ) ,my daughter is going as a candy fairy after we could not find tinkerbell in her size , my husband is Fred Flintstone ,and I am going as a she devil . This should be quite a funny looking crew .

So with Halloween just a few days away what are you doing ? Will you also dress up to take your kids out , going to a fun party, or just going as yourself ?

No matter what you do I wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween !
9 years 11 months ago - 9 years 11 months ago #151154 by london713
At the school party today I am going to be a hippie. And for the local Halloween parade my sons will be astronauts and i am going to be an alien.

I almost always dress, my kids like me looking weird almost as much as the candy!
9 years 11 months ago #151313 by diehard halloweenie
Replied by diehard halloweenie on topic Halloween Dessing up or not ???
It will be a sad day when I fail to be in the halloween spirit and don't at least throw on some makeup. I look forward to the day when my kids roll their eyes because my costume is more elaborate than theirs.

9 years 1 month ago #154452 by Tinamarie777
I haven't decided. I sometimes put on my witch hat, it is suitable for all occasions lol. This summer my brother-in-law went to New Orleans and brought me back a Mardi Gras mask, so I may where that. My 6 year old is wearing her dance costume from last years dance and I haven't got my 2 year old a costume yet, I can't decide what to dress her in, she'll look cute in whatever. :)
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