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Chat today: topic: T(w)een's School Social Life

8 years 9 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #155735 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Chat today: topic: T(w)een's School Social Life was created by Lisa @ PTO Today
Our sister site, School Family, is hosting a live chat today on their Facebook Page . T(w)een parenting expert Annie Fox will be answering questions like:

- Our daughter is more interested in the social scene that studying, what do we do?
- My tween is obsessed with Facebook and texting and it’s getting in the way of her doing her homework. Should I step in and take them away or let her suffer natural consequences?
- My son is being verbally harassed by one of his classmates every morning at his locker but doesn’t want me to intervene – what should I do?

More info here:

Do you have someone in middle school or high school? This is a great opportunity to pose questions to an expert and to chat with other parents. Hope you'll join us!

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