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Nip Cyberbullying in the Bud

8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #158660 by Soccer Mom Cynthia
As a mom of teens, I am alarmed to note how fast cyberbullying is growing throughout America. For some reason kids feel it is OK to blast other kids - more so when it is online (like on Facebook) than when it is in person.

The traditional school bully was so out of physical dominance, but cyber-bullying is even more cowardly because the attacker feels they can hide or be anonymous online.

Growing up I've seen several sides to school bullying, but these days, especially on Facebook, where it becomes "fun" or "popular" or "the thing to do" to gang up on someone and take all your teen angst out on THEM by making them feel rejected -- a failure -- on outsider. Kids know just how to make other kids feel like they will never belong.

I was looking into this phenomenon, and there was an interesting article in "Psychology Today" and it said:

Many children are afraid to tell about bullying, fearing that any action by the parents or the school will get them into deeper trouble and result in more bullying.

Here's a couple of positive resources I've found regarding stopping cyberbullying:

How about you? What has been your very most effective means of discouraging bullying and encouraging compassion?
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