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Box Tops Moms

7 years 6 months ago #162279 by Anna1867
Box Tops Moms was created by Anna1867
Join Box Tops Moms, Dads, Coordinators & Supporters from all over the World. Share your thoughts, ideas and photographs. We are here to help one another and make a Difference for our Children's Schools!

Our Mission: To Encourage Group Discussion, Promote Networking & Share Ideas

Anna and Janine created the Box Tops Moms page for Box Tops Moms, Dads, Coordinators and Supporters to exchange ideas, share their information, post photographs and ask questions. We will keep you posted with every detail about Box Tops from the moment it's released :)
6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #164860 by Stephany
Replied by Stephany on topic Re:Box Tops Moms
Ok let me check the group on Facebook. Thanks for the invitation anyway
6 years 5 months ago #165181 by RachelR.
Replied by RachelR. on topic Re:Box Tops Moms
Great idea! How's it going so far?
6 years 5 months ago #165342 by Anna Piliero
Replied by Anna Piliero on topic Re:Box Tops Moms
Our page has over 1,800 fans so far and going strong. We have an amazing group of women and men who are Box Tops Coordinators, family member, friends etc.

Everyone has been helpful with suggestions and ideas, team support is tremendous and we are extremely happy with our Box Tops Community.

Come Join Us!

Thank you.

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