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Trouble with the principal!!!! HELP!!!!!!

3 years 10 months ago #170632 by 231parent
I'm not sure if anyone has been through this but here goes.....I'm new to the whole PTO thing...we started out the new year with high hopes of turning our PTO around for the better and we are having great difficulty with the school principal being on board with doing fund raisers or family fun nights for the school. A lot of parents have expressed some concerns about how our PTO and principal conducted themselves the year before and we've expressed some of this to the principal and now it has turned into a district investigation(not on the current PTO's part) but angry parents from years before have made phone calls to our district and got this ball of mess going, now our current PTO is taking all the blame and in turn has broken all respect between PTO, principal and staff...our hands are tied and we're not sure how to handle we close down PTO or fight to support our students??? HELP!!!!!! Thank you
3 years 10 months ago #170633 by Rose H
Hi 231parent!

This sounds like a situation in which the various folks involved have good intentions, but things have been lost in the communication.

Before you make any big decisions, we suggest you ask the principal for a meeting. Not a super serious meeting, but a more casual, "let's connect and figure out how we can communicate better."

If the principal is reluctant to OK any fundraisers or family events, there must be a reason. Maybe there's a misunderstanding in what the PTO would like to do and how it needs to fundraiser in order to support the school? Or perhaps past events didn't go well and there's a discussion needed on how to do them differently.

Take the approach that you really want to learn where the principal is coming from and you really want to share what the PTO hopes to do to support this school. Don't approach it like you are adversaries.

These resources might be good reads ahead of time:

Your Relationship with the Principal

6 Tips for Talking with the Principal

Improve Your Relationship with the Principal

Good luck and stay in touch! We're happy to answer other questions as you move forward,

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