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Magic of Nutrition Assembly Program

13 years 1 month ago #131279 by Taddo
I offer a fun, educational assembly program called "The Magic of Nutrition." I am a registered dietitian and a professional magician who designed a program to help combat this growing problem. Unfortunately, I missed your Expo in Valley Forge last month, but would still like to pass the information along. My website is

Thank you!

Todd Kupper, RD, LDN
3 years 2 months ago #171757 by Jennifer Ratcliffe
Replied by Jennifer Ratcliffe on topic Magic of Nutrition Assembly Program
Hi! I am new to organizing assemblies at Brandywine Wallace Elementary school in Downingtown Pennsylvania. We are suburb about 50 minutes outside Philadelphia. Can you please send me some information on cost and availability for the 2017 2018 school year. We would do back to back shows K through two and three through five.
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