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  • Tim Petit
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I saw you mentioned Bristol.  I am the local coordinator for the Bristol Special Olympics and we are reaching out to various local organizations for awareness of our program.  Please share this link with the group.


I am happy to attend one of your meetings and present our program.  I can be reached at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you
Tim Petit

Hi there!
Some of this would depend on how each is structured and if they are formally set up as 501(c)(3). If that were the case, you would need to formally disband one and incorporate its functions into the other. One note of caution, however. This type of action should be discussed and voted on by the entire membership and reflect the whole group's decision on what is the best structure.


  • Anonymous
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We are a PTO in Cromwell... 2/3 of our board have kiddos with special needs and we would really like to incorporate SEPTO into our PTO... any input you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

I'm happy to help!

Thanks for sharing, nbzero! Really helpful!

The process of establishing a SEPTO-like component within an existing PTO is very different from creating a new SEPTO group from scratch.

A new SEPTO needs to enact bylaws, elect officers, plan dues/financing and establish a relationship with the school district. Your existing PTO, if it’s been around for a while, should have already accomplished these tasks. Which ought to make your job much easier if you plan to be part of the existing PTO.

Some PTOs I know have a special education committee that pretty much acts as a SEPTO within the PTO. The chair of the special education committee usually sits on the PTO board of directors and acts as the link between the PTO board and the committee. The committee plans programs and events that are aimed at the parents of children with special needs. Everything is done in collaboration with the existing PTO and its bylaws.

The exact steps you would need to take in order to create a SEPTO-like committee within your exiting PTO should be determined by the existing PTO’s bylaws. The PTO bylaws should state how to establish committees and determine their leaders.

So I suggest looking over your PTO bylaws. The path you need to take should be found somewhere in there.

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