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H450 Bill in Massachusetts

11 years 1 month ago #150057 by Lizard
H450 Bill in Massachusetts was created by Lizard
In November, the state of Mass. will be trying to pass the H450 Bill. This bill will have an effect on marketing items in the schools (1/2 hr before it starts to 1/2 hr after it ends). I guess this bill was to target vending machines in schools but with the wording of this bill it targets book fairs (gift wrap fundraisers too). It states that advertising is not allowed (use of logos, posters, audio, visual, etc) Giveaways or promotional items are also not allowed, along with a few other rules. This bill is not to take effect until Aug 31, 2010. We had our first meeting of this year and discuss the severe effects it would have on our fundraising efforts, especially in these tough economical times. Has anyone else heard of this Bill and what is your take on it?
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