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Provide child care during PTO mtgs - good idea?

7 years 6 months ago #161997 by ksinjem
As an UN-INSURED PTO board, what should we be doing to protect ourselves legally? Is the answer to buy insurance? What does the insurance protect us from? Does it protect us if a child gets hurt during the meeting? Does it protect us from child abuse claims?
7 years 6 months ago #161998 by Rose H
Hi ksinjem,
Lots of groups do opt for insurance as a way to protect itself. That doesn't prevent someone from filing a lawsuit should an incident occur, but it doesn't put you in a better spot to deal with it. You can learn more about the insurance offered through PTO Today by taking a look at the frequently asked questions here:

Also, we have folks in our customer support group who can answer questions for you.

Hope this helps,

Rose C.
Community Manager
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