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voting requirements

6 years 4 months ago #164946 by band mom
voting requirements was created by band mom
Our Band boosters is trying to rewrite our by-laws.
They did a great job on most except they want to change the
way we vote for officers.

As of now you have to attend 75% of the meetings or 7 out of 9 to vote for officers.
You may vote for all issues at the meeting you are at but if only attend 6 meetings can't vote for officers.

They want to change it to whoever shows up the the May meeting even if they didn't attend a meeting all year.

My issue is ..
Why let someone vote that doesn't know what is going on?
Where is the accountability?
Why should I go to every meeting (yes, I know for the kids) I'm just saying. I want to be at home putting my kids to bed but I am at almost every meeting because it is a priority to me. If I only show up at the voting meeting, I am not informed.

Voting is a privilege not a right. If you show up at one meeting all year, you are not informed. You might be listening to your one sided friend that wants you to vote her way and not take the time to read the minutes.

I do not want my booster program High jacked by Mr. or Ms. Popular.
If I put my name on the ballet and have all of my friends show up this one night
to vote me in..even if I'm the wrong candidate. That is wrong.

Has anyone encountered this problem?
What do other people do and
what can I do to get this issue out there?
Am I wrong?
Let's talk people.
Thank you
6 years 4 months ago #164947 by band mom
Replied by band mom on topic Re:voting requirements
I forgot to put that I do think 7 is to high.

I think 4 meetings should be the requirement.

You even have to register to vote for the president at least 30 days before an election.
You can't just show up to vote.
6 years 4 months ago #164968 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:voting requirements
Hi band mom,

There should be a process where members can weigh in and express opinions on proposed bylaw changes. We get your point that it doesn't seem very fair that folks show up only at the meeting of the vote. Is it possible that some of those people are contributing in other ways to the club but just can't get to meetings? if that's the case, it seems like they should get some say in how votes take place.

Rose C.
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