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Principal stays hands off

5 years 9 months ago #166038 by LadyTigger76
The school is about 4 years old and most of the staff and students came from another school. Everything is now "that's how we did it at Smith school" and few are willing to listen to suggestions of change. The PTO board has been made up of the same few people the entire time, adjusting rules to keep the same parents on the board for the next 5 years. When I protested (I am not from "Smith school") the president became very rude and accused me of trying to take over. That isn't what I want at all. I just want fair and impartial elections. The chance for New blood on the board. Few of the parents are actively involved, most say because the president is over bearing and difficult to deal with. I have brought it up to the principal and the board. But no one wants change. As long as they are making money for school, principal is hands off. Any suggestions?
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