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box top submission

9 years 6 months ago #155331 by
I have found the EASIEST way to mark box top baggies 4 submission is to make address (avery) labels and run them off, i could not believe our former coord. did not think or even realize each baggy needed to be marked. You would not want the orders to get mixed up or marked 4 wrong school!
9 years 6 months ago #155338 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:box top submission
Very clever idea -- plus you get the Box Top from buying the Avery labels. In defense of the prior coordinator for not marking the bags, BTFE doesn't require it.
9 years 6 months ago #155340 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Re:box top submission
Nice organization tip! - Just wanted to add that maybe you could use paper envelopes instead so they could be recycled : )


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