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Permits, taxes and raffles/auctions

10 years 1 week ago #164375 by JHB
Raffles, like Bingo, are considered games of chance and subject to state gambling laws.

You can check with your school/district officials BUT double check what they tell you. What I've found is 1) they won't/can't help at all because it constitutes legal advice, 2) they don't really know, 3) they share what they think they know, but half of it's rumor or wrong.

Try to find the state organization (maybe Office of Attorney General) that manages rules for raffles. For instance, if it were in Texas - you wouldn't have to get a permit but there are a set of rules like being a non-profit in existence so long, no cash prizes, ticket must have specific information printed on it.

Perhaps there are local (county/city) rules that apply, but I'd suggest starting with State.

You can also try a Google search with a string of key words like +non profit +raffle +your-state-name.
10 years 4 weeks ago #164275 by Rose H
Rules can vary on this. You can check with your district for guidance, or directly check with your local government. If la permit is needed, they'll have the paperwork you need to fill out.

Rose C.
10 years 4 weeks ago #164272 by SPPTO
Has anyone had to get a permit for an auction.raffle? How does the paperwork unfold on these events?
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