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2014 Ultimate Donation List

10 years 4 months ago #165270 by ptomomof2
Renee, We do not put a value on our basket or silent auctions but we do list what is in the basket.
10 years 4 months ago #165269 by Kristin
Replied by Kristin on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Crusader - I am with a public elementary school... we are in a newer market for Amtrack, and I highlighted that in the letter. I was rejected 2 years ago, so was surprised.
10 years 4 months ago #165268 by Renee
Replied by Renee on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
This past weekend I attended a fundraising dinner that did something during their silent auction I haven't seen before. They did not list the estimated value of the baskets.

This is such a simple idea (and maybe other silent auctions do the same, but I haven't seen it in my area before) and it resulted in the bids going above what I would assume the value of the basket was (their baskets were very similar to the baskets at my event). I know at my auction, very rarely does a basket go for more than its value, typically the last bid reaches 80-90% of its value.

Does anyone else not list the estimated value? What are your thoughts on not providing it?
10 years 4 months ago - 10 years 4 months ago #165266 by Rose H
Hi everyone!

We will be continuing to repost either new lists or summaries of donor names on this thread so that you all have a chance to catch the information. Lots of stuff gets posted here every day and sometimes, good nuggets of info can be missed!

For example, here is a list posted earlier this month from ering56

Hey everyone! I work for a nationally-recognized non-profit organization (I work at the local level in the Metro Atlanta area), and am planning our first silent auction. This message board has been so unbelievably helpful for me, that I felt I should post an update on what organizations I've gotten donations from (and which I've gotten no's from), along with response time so y'all would have an idea on how long it takes for responses if you apply to these places. Our event is in April and I started requesting donations in October 2013. I've found the best way to find companies (besides this message board) is to just google any company you can think of along with "donation request" ("company name + donation request"). Another great way to search is to type your city or state name plus "corporate donation requests." Hope my list helps!

Note: All of these were through online applications/company website unless otherwise noted

1. ATLANTA BRAVES - Jonny Venters autographed baseball (online request 10/25, response 10/29)
2. BROOKS RUNNING COMPANY - Gift Card (online request 10/29, response 1/15
3. CANVAS ON DEMAND - $100 Gift Card (online request 11/2, response 11/14)
4. EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS - Four $25 Gift Cards (online request made to local store 10/29, response same day)
5. JAN BRETT - Autographed Poster (emailed address on website 11/2, response 11/3)
6. MELLOW MUSHROOM - Two $25 Gift Cards (online request 11/13, response 1/7)
7. PANAMA JACK - 4 bottles of product, 2 tshirts, 2 hats (online request 10/29, response 10/30)
8. REDBOX (Outerwall, Inc.) - 25 individual rental coupons (online request 10/28, response 10/30)
9. THIRTY-ONE BAGS - I got a "no" from corporate level, but found a local seller who gave me a couple bags
10. THE VARSITY (Atl restaurant) - Four meal combo vouchers (online request 10/29, response 12/1)
11. ZOO ATLANTA - Four general admin tix (online request 10/25, response 10/27)
12. A local auto shop gave us 3 free oil changes "oil changes for a year"


1. Big Five Sporting Goods
2. Bob's Red Mill
3. Brooks Brothers
4. Callaway Golf
5. Carmike/Fandango (website says not doing corporate level, I'm going to try local)
6. Lake Lanier Resort
7. Mizuno
8. Nutiva
9. Oakley
10. Planet Dog
11. Thymes

Note: The majority of these were done via snail mail (at the company's request. I guess it just takes longer...)

1. Alex and Ani (I think their online app was screwed up..., applied Jan 2014)
2. American Girl (Oct 2013)
3. Atlanta Botanical Gardens (Jan 2014)
4. Atlanta Falcons (Jan 2014)
5. Atlanta Hawks (Oct 2013)
6. Aveda (Nov 2013)
7. Big Green Egg (Jan 2014)
8. Books A Million (Oct 2013)
9. Bravo Brio Restaurant Group (Nov 2013)
10. Bridgestone Golf (Jan 2014)
11. Buckhead Restaurant Group (Nov 2013)
13. Bushnell (Oct 2013)
14. CamelBak (Nov 2013)
15. Celestial Seasonings (Oct 2013)
16. CVS (Nov 2013)
17. Fernbank Museum of Natural History (Jan 2014)
18. Fox Theater (Atlanta) (Nov 2013)
19. Georgia Aquarium (Oct 2013)
20. Honest Tea (Oct 2013)
21. Jack Link's Beef Jerky (Oct 2013)
22. King and Prince Beach/Golf Resort on St. Simons Island (Jan 2014)
23. Major League Soccer (Oct 2013)
24. Medieval Times Dinner Theater (Nov 2013)
25. Nantahala Outdoor Center (whitewater rafting) (Jan 2014)
26. Nathan Sports (Nov 2013)
27. Otterbox (Jan 2014)
28. Panera Bread (Oct 2013)
29. Rack Room Shoes (Oct 2013)
30. Rosa Mexicano (restaurant) (Nov 2013)
31. Sephora (Oct 2013)
32. Six Flags Over Georgia (Dec 2013)
33. Sports Authority (Oct 2013)
34. Star 94 (radio station - donates extra tix, etc if they have it) (Oct 2013)
35. Stone Mountain Park (Oct 2013)
36. Think Fun Toys (Dec 2013)
37. Tony Hawk (pro skater - autographed pic) (Oct 2013)
38. Toys R Us (Nov 2013)

Hope that helps!!! I'll post an update if I get any more responses! I also have a list of more companies that I have yet to apply to, I'll post those if I get responses as well.
10 years 4 months ago #165265 by Kim G
Replied by Kim G on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Ann Marie,
I received 4 tickets to StoryLand back in November. They sent the tickets within weeks of my request. I can't remember if I did a online request. I got a no from Santa Village because I'm geared at high school Seniors.
I'm still waiting to hear on all my N. Conway lodging requests.
I did get a 2 night off season stay at Bayside Resort in West Yarmouth. Just mail them a letter. I also got 2 tickets to Water Wizz on the Cape. I mailed them a letter to their Headquarters.
Our auction is March 8 and I'm hoping to hear back from a lot in the next week.
Next I'm working on Golf Tournament sponsors. Did get a local car dealer to sponsor a hole in one. Waiting to get the details on this.

Kim G.
10 years 4 months ago #165262 by crusader
Replied by crusader on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Kristin...what kind of organization are you? I've got a no from Amtrak for 2 years.

Got couple things today: Yes from Chicago Bears, Fathead only gave $15 off a $50 order with free s/h, 4 waterpark passes to Chula Vista Waterpark in Wis Dells and several local restaurants.

We've only gotten about 70 items so far and its a little over a month. Doesn't seem to be a lot but we finally asked families for help and donations so hopefully that will help.
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