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Redecorate the Teacher's Lounge

12 years 8 months ago #153137 by Ms.B
Hello, at our last PTO Meeting the idea of redecorating the Teacher's Lounge came up, and everyone loved the idea. Nothing was specifically decided, but I thought I could get some ideas, costs, etc and present it back to the PTO at our next meeting for a vote.

The Teacher's Lounge hasn't been touched in years, it is also a copy/work room for the teachers, and very small. There is no access to water in this room, there is a large table with mis matched chairs, a refrigerator, copier, supplies, and a counter with cabinets. It's very ugly and not a good place for the teachers to relax. One thing I'm hoping to propose is for PTO to purchase and maintain a water cooler (with water) for the Teacher's Lounge so they could at least have a glass of water with their lunch if they chose to.

So to my question...what sorts of ideas would you suggest when re-decorating the space? What kinds of things are in the Teacher's Lounge in your school? Thank you in advance!
12 years 8 months ago #153138 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:Redecorate the Teacher's Lounge
People here could certainly provide good ideas, but the best ideas will come from the teachers in your school. So, I would ask them directly. In very short order, they'll be able to tell you exactly what they'd like to have: padded chairs, a soda machine, a larger fridge with an icemaker, etc.
11 years 8 months ago #156544 by Angela Newton
Replied by Angela Newton on topic Re:Redecorate the Teacher's Lounge
While my daughter was in middle school, I served on the PTO Board.
The teacher's lounge was a pit. Half-painted, terrible furniture and so
very dated.

We decided to appropriate $1K from our budget to do the renovation.
My husband and I painted the room (with donated oops paint
from Benjamin Moore that I had them tint to my desired shade). I spent several months scouring garage sales and furniture sales for local bargains. I bought a couch and chair (new from Penney's), bought a garage sale table & 6 chairs and re-painted them and made window treatments, accent pillows, and a runner for the table. I purchased a couple lamps, updated pictures and accessories (using a $50 donation from Target towards our cause). We've been gone for 5 years and it STILL looks as beautiful like the day we finished. They have absolutely LOVED having a nice retreat. If you are looking to do something nice for your teachers - - I would highly recommend this as a sustainable gift for many years!
10 years 7 months ago #160795 by Rose H
Thought I'd bump up this topic because it is such a great idea to give the Teacher's Lounge a makeover for Teacher Appreciation week. Does anyone have any last minute (and low cost) ideas for groups looking to maybe spruce up the lounge but not do a wholesale re-do?

Rose C.
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