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Teacher Appreciation

19 years 6 months ago #64210 by <amthrof2>
Replied by <amthrof2> on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
The PTO did receive many letters of thanks for the gift certificates and luncheon and it was nice that they told us of their appreciation. We provided many things for our teachers in order to cut down on their personal out of pocket costs, however, there seems to be very little socializing between the two groups (parents - teachers). It would be wonderful if the teachers would show up for PTO events, show a modicum of interest in what the PTO does outside of the class schedule. It would be wonderful to have a sharing of ideas and needs between the PTO and Teachers, but they very rarely talk about anything with the PTO. It would be so nice to sit down to a luncheon with them to discuss their needs. We are unsure how our PTO will exsist next school year due to the change in our Exec Board. Next year all of the officers will be school employees and not one is a parent. How they plan on organizing and holding book fairs, Santa Shops, and after school events when they are already working will be a real trick with mirrors.
19 years 6 months ago #64212 by imamom2
Replied by imamom2 on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
I understand completely your situation with the relationship between your PTO and teachers. We have only a few (2) that show up regularly at the meetings, and getting much feed back from other teachers is like pulling teeth. They are generaly supportive of our activities, but hesitent to volunteer to help. I guess that's because they are already so involved, that they feel maxed out. Our teachers do put in alot of time before and after school, and even some weekend days getting classroom curriculum ready. But running a successful PTO also takes up alot of time, and it usually always comes down to the "always at every meeting" regulars. Thank heaven for them.
I'm not sure what the solution is, if any. Good luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]
19 years 5 months ago #64213 by amthrof2
Replied by amthrof2 on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
You put it eloquently. Yes, I am sure the teachers feel maxed out, this is their job and they have a home and a family to take care of. Wait, I'm sorry, that sounds a lot like every parent at the school. Yes everyone has many things pulling at their sleeve and if my boss asks me to stay late or put in extra hours, I get paid. Often times teachers do not, but, I would appreciate after my long day that someone was working hard on my behalf to eliminate some of the costs I incur at my job. Yes teachers work hard but who is assisting them at making their work environment and our children's environment better? We are, the PTO/PTA's in our schools. As much as we appreciate our teachers' efforts should they not turn around and applaud ours?
18 years 5 months ago #64214 by <amthrof2>
Replied by <amthrof2> on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
We have a much simpler touch for our appreciation. We leave flowers and teaching aids on desks and in lounges routinely. Sometimes they are real, others silk and even tissue paper flowers just to provide pick me ups through out the year.
14 years 1 week ago #146804 by <amthrof2>
Replied by <amthrof2> on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
That's nothing. I found out our PTA spent over $10,000 on the staff appreciation.
I agree, we should do something for the teachers and staff, but that is just wrong spending that much of the money. The parents did not even vote on it. Any comments?
14 years 1 week ago #146807 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation
OMG---10k is insane and borderline criminal in my mind. I would never be able to support that type of expense on the teachers. Someone needs to relight my torch from the other post.

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