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Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?

17 years 9 months ago #65733 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Hello smenny13,

I haven't worked with the flower pen idea (yet). Instead of a flower pen, how about making a small fake flower boutonniere for each of your 2 male teachers? Just use a single flower with green floral tape and a straight pin. That might complement the flower pens.

What do you think? ;) dd
17 years 9 months ago #65734 by Michelle B
Okay took me a while to get back but I am a firm believer in donations!! Do you have a Longs? Target? Ask them to donate the seeds. IMHO, you shouldn't have to spend a dime. Everything can be donated. Try a local mom and pop store and at the bottom of the label, after the invite, seeds donated by...

We've never done the flower pens for invitations, I kinda just pulled that one out of my... I did make my own boutonniere for my wedding with silk flowers. Again, if there is a silk flower store near you, ask them to donate them. I'd buy the pens though. Hit up an Office Depot and check out their clearance areas.
Men should like them too. The big thing about those flower pens is that it's really hard to walk off with one.

As for lavender, I haven't a clue. I only drank what they made, I didn't help in the making of it. I worked on another area. I would assume a flower shop and again, REPEAT after me, "we are doing (xyz) would you be willing to donate (xyz)?" EVERYTHING can be donated.
17 years 9 months ago #65735 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Michelle B,
You are my hero! I especially love your suggestion to publically recognize those who donate "anything" to support our schools. I do believe that we should try to get donations for these not-for-profit groups. I am a little worried about hitting up all these small town merchants for donations at that particular time of year. They are being asked for major donations to support bigger events like the high school(s)post-Prom(s). Bigger businesses might be a better choice in this case. Target is new in our area -- have you found them to be willing supporters of school-related causes? 'Cause I recall that (in the past) Walmart only gave a 10% disc to our school organization. Do you know if they might have changed policy regarding charitable donations? I have not approached Walmart in a number of years since they made such a big deal about the 10%. :confused: dd
17 years 9 months ago #65736 by <TT>
Replied by <TT> on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Our local Walmart donates gift cards to our PTO throughout the school year. They require that we put our request on letterhead, and they make their decision the first week of each month. This year we received a $25 gift card and 4-$20 gift cards.
17 years 9 months ago #65737 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Thanks for the information about Walmart. I'll drop by our local store and ask about their policies.
17 years 9 months ago #65738 by blghrd
Consider asking local flower shops and nurserys for donations. You could use the flowers they donate for door prizes, decorations etc. They may even want to set up a small display. Our local Target has been great to donate to our organization.
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