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Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?

17 years 9 months ago #65727 by Michelle B
At our Parents Welcome we have made Oprah's lavender lemonade. It's pretty good and is a change from the usual lemonade.

3 cups sugar
7 lavender sprigs (stems and buds), plus additional for garnish*
2 cups fresh lemon juice (from about 12 lemons)
1/2 cup fresh lime juice (from about 5 limes)

In a large saucepan, bring one gallon of water and the sugar to a boil. Remove from heat; add 7 lavender sprigs and lemon and lime juices. Cool to room temperature, strain, and chill. Serve on ice, with additional lavender for garnish.

* If unavailable, substitute fresh basil or lemon thyme.

Also, this is my favorite sandwich and it has a light flavor. Turkey breasts on croissants but instead of regular cheese, use cream cheese and instead of mayonnaise or another dressing, use cranberry sauce. It's very good!!
17 years 9 months ago #65728 by Michelle B
Oh and for invitations, get packets of seeds and put a label with the required information on the front of them. Or you can make the flower pens (regular pen, fake flower and that green floral tape) and tie a tag to it with the event information...

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17 years 9 months ago #65729 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?

Thanks for joining our discussion. Your ideas are really cool :cool: ! I am a little concerned about using up a significant chunk of my skimpy budget ($350/100) to purchase packs when the least expensive ones that I have found are 49 cents each at Christmas Tree Shops. I will continue my search for "cheap" packs. I live in CT. Any suggestions where to search?

The pen invitation sounds like a good idea since it can be stripped down and functional -- on the spot.

One more question -- where does one go to purchase lavender springs? A nursery, florist? And are they pricey? I have not a clue.
17 years 9 months ago #65730 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Hiya "closetwriter",

We do have some Big Lots scattered around CT. Good idea. I haven't seen any seed packets yet at our local dollar stores but I will continue to look. I will put a visit to Big Lots on my "to do" list for this weekend.

I can better afford to spend 10 cents per pack vs. 49 cents. My goal is to be frugal while planning this luncheon and hopefully have some money leftover.

Thanks so much for the tips [img]smile.gif[/img] I sincerely appreciate your help. dd
17 years 9 months ago #65731 by dubbledee
Replied by dubbledee on topic RE: Garden Party Theme -- Ideas for luncheon?
Thanks for the "lead" on 10 cent seed packs at dollar stores. I went to Big Lots first and they were not yet in stock. The Dollar Tree did have them so I picked up a whole bunch of assorted flower packs.
17 years 9 months ago #65732 by smenny13
Hi! I love the Garden Party ideas. I am going to take those ideas to the board so we can start planning ours. I had a question though. For the flower pen invitations, did you give those to the men as well? We only have 2 men that work in our school and I could not imagine giving them one. If not what did you give your men? Thanks!!

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